Our Company

About Us:

Solarium Design Group Ltd. is North America’s leading full service custom stained and leaded glass studio specializing in leaded glass ceilings and domes.

Every aspect of our dome design
and fabrication is performed in house meaning a leaded glass dome or decorative ceiling from Solarium is NAFTA certified, 100% made in North America.

We have been innovating with glass for over thirty years with installations in North America, Japan, China and the UK. Every project is a custom project, whether the setting is residential, corporate or commercial.
We are dedicated to the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom flat leaded glass lenses and curved leaded glass domes.
Every glass dome is a unique custom creation, designed exclusively for each client and each location.

Whether it is a richly embellished dome with hundreds of beveled shapes & facetted glass jewels or a recessive, refined and classic flat glass ceiling, no two are ever the same.

Technical Expertise:

With hundreds of stained and leaded glass installations behind us, there isn’t a situation we haven’t encountered or can’t accommodate.
Each installation is unique and a site specific tailored process ensures a safe and correct fit.

With our largest leaded glass ceiling approaching 70 feet in length, our talented group of designers, glaziers and framemakers can fabricate any decorative leaded glass ceiling you can imagine.

A leaded glass dome from Solarium Design Group Ltd. is a true dome, meaning that each leaded glass panel is actually curved and not a series a flat glass panels set on angle to achieve the required arc.
Each curved leaded glass panel is built on a custom wooden form built specifically for the shape and radius of your dome.
From ovals to octagons, every opening is unique and we can build a curved dome or flat leaded glass ceiling to fit any shape or situation.

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