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1. Are your dome ceilings exterior grade thermal glass domes that mount on the roof?

No, our domes are for interior installation only. They typically sit in an enclosed dry walled room in the attic. This room ideally has access through a small door (not critical), an electrical plug in outlet (for the backlighting) and adequate air supply/return from the HVAC system. It may or may not have a separate exterior thermal skylight above the dome allowing natural light to flood the dome from above.

2. I don’t have an attic space above where I’d like the art glass dome to be installed, what are my options?

A recessed ‘lightbox’ with at least 2′ of height is the next best thing to an attic room. Electrical outlets are critical in these situations as artificial LED lighting kits are required to backlight the lenses/domes.

3. What about the backlighting?

We can supply a tailored LED lighting kit for your art glass dome or decorative ceiling lense. Our lighting kits are good for 80,000 hours. That’s 27 years if you left these lights on for 8 hours a day, every day, making them ideal for situations where access is an issue. The best part is that they use 90% less energy and do not generate any heat.

4. How do I get a quote for my dome or decorative ceiling project?

There are many factors that go into formulating a specific quote. The most basic details include the bottom diameter, the overall height and the complexity of design. The cost of North American and international installations varies according to location of course. Our dome ceilings start @ $20,000.00 US and average between the high twenties to high thirties. Our larger more complex domes can hover around the $100,000 mark. These costs do not include shipping, crating, installation or LED backlighting.

We generally furnish quotes only upon receipt of your project details and contact information. Give us a call at 1-888-DOME-505 or 1-416-535-1419 or send us an email: .

5. Can my contractor install the dome?

Our sleep is as important to us as yours is. Installation of the glass dome by us is the preferred option. In the case of smaller or more simple decorative ceilings, a competent and qualified contractor should be able to manage most aspects of the installation. That said, many contractors aren’t comfortable handling leaded glass, let alone leaded glass ceilings! In most cases, installation by our team also includes safe delivery of the glass panels in our truck to your site.

6. Can you work from our design?

Certainly. We’re happy to work with you, your architect, designer or builder to develop a design that best suits your home or commercial space.

7. What’s the difference between stained glass and leaded glass? Is it the real thing?

There is no difference between stained glass and leaded glass. We use the term ‘leaded glass’ because the term ‘stained glass’ conjures images of colored glass. Both terms refer to the centuries old craft of cutting sheet glass into shapes and joining them together into a pattern using strips of lead. We select clear textured glasses for use in our decorative dome ceilings as it is a very elegant and recessive treatment for the interior space. We also design custom beveled glass pieces and cut glass jewels imported from Germany into the dome ceilings and lenses. Our dome panels are indeed the real thing.

8. What kind of maintenance or servicing is required for the art glass dome? What about condensation and heat exchange?

Our decorative domes and ceilings require very little to no maintenance actually. Once installed, any dust that may accumulate falls so slowly and evenly and over so many years that it is not discernable to the eye. Condensation and heat exchange are not an issue because our dome is not ‘sealed’, meaning it breathes on its own allowing a steady exchange of air to occur. In other words, the leaded glass panels are held into the frame with brackets, not caulking or glazing tape.

9. What is the production/lead time for your domes? How do we start the process?

Our art glass domes are entirely hand made and we produce every aspect of our domes in house. Every project is a custom project. Our delivery time depends a lot on the size and scale of your project. The most critical thing is to get into the production cue by expediting your deposit and site requirements. It is best to involve us from the drawing or framing stage so that we can advise on all our requirements, ensuring a safe and proper fit from the outset. Though this is not critical, the sooner the better!
The exploration/design phase can take 3-5 weeks. Once all details are confirmed and the dome has entered into the shop roster, a typical 8′ dome requires 10-12 additional weeks of fabrication time. Delivery times can also vary greatly depending on the volume of projects in the shop.

10. When does the dome get installed?

The decorative glass dome is one of the very last elements in your home to be to be installed. At minimum all sanding and paint should be complete, the floors finished and all trim installed. Our domes arrive in sections and are reassembled on site.

Please feel free to call or email us with any further questions. See our Contact page for details.

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