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Synagogue Stained Glass Project, Toronto

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013


Another successful collaboration with Petrie Design and Munge Leung.

We worked closely with members of the Synagogue regarding the symbols, colours and text, experts were called in and choices scrutinized until it was just right.

The assembly, painting and installation were carried out by our studio. As a result of this painted project we are beginning to incorporate painted elements into our other projects.

SDG-Synagogue-02                                      SDG-Synagogue-05

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Painting Progress – The Stain in Stainedglass

Monday, October 21st, 2013


In preparation prior to firing, a mixture of crushed glass and pigment is mixed with a vehicle (water), then painted over each glass piece entirely, next a brush is used to stipple and shape in a subtractive fashion until the desired effect is achieved. Now the pieces are ready to be fired in the kiln.

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Painted Glass Project

Thursday, October 10th, 2013


We are working on a Synagogue project, this panel represents the tribe of Asher, we are making twelve, one for each tribe of Israel.

This leaded panel is comprised of textured glass, painted glass pieces, and silver stain on the boarder.

The painted glass pieces are cut to size on the pattern, and painted with a clay like pigment mixed into a paste, which fuses to the glass when fired.

SDG-PaintedGlass-1 SDG-PaintedGlass-2 

Each layer of paint is fired and cooled, repeat firings and layering of paint add depth and texture. Although there is a risk of the painted glass pieces breaking during cooling at any point in the process, if so then the entire process must be repeated. The process is time consuming and glass pieces can take up to a day to cool, but the end result is worth the extra labour and time.


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